Sonic.exe Battled MARIO in Sonic.EXE vs MARIO and Sonic.EXE vs MARIO 2 He Was Played By RLYoshi (ERBOCP#4) and Frenzy (ERBOCP#16)

Information About the Rapper

Sonic.exe is a strange Sonic game CD that could be either glitchy, hacked or possibly made by someone (or “something”) other than SEGA…

Sonic.EXE in MARIO vs Sonic.EXE 2


First Round:

Verse 1:

It must be a sunny afternoon, feel the heat?

the jpeg was weak, so I’mma unleash the beast.

You 2 foot tall round plumber, I’m better than you,

so suck my weiner, A.K.A. SMW.

-M-A-R-I-O- you’re a joke, bro, you blow,

I am about to crunch you like Yoshi’s binary code.

I'll rip off your mustache and stick it it up your ass

you're too slow bitch, I'll murder you fucking too fast

Verse 2:

Those bitches and me in the same sentence? WHAT A RIOT!

I see you're looking for a win here, JUST FUCKING TRY IT!

Nobody in our realm can out spook me,

All your friends will be dead on the quick count of three.

I see your life's a strife, but I don't need no knife,

I'm comin' in fast, better hold on tight.

I’ll find you, then I’ll rip you up with my claws,

and rip off your head and say I AM GOD!

Second Round:

Verse 1:

Time for round 2, well this should be a breeze

Just ask all of my victims, you can’t escape Sonic.EXE

I took away the life of Tom, why should you even try

How can you call yourself scary when all you do is hide

Just admit it that I’m your god, you better fucking bow

You can never escape my hell, I’ll be your god for now

My eyes may be blood-shot, but I can still see

My victory was a true success, wouldn’t you agree?

Verse 2:

I’ll rip out your guts, eat them when they’ve dried

How can you call yourself a threat? You commited suicide

So many disses to spit, but so little time

Just sit back and watch, like you did when I arrived

Verse 3:

You’re in my world now, So don’t try to escape

You’re just a “creepy” picture, with your mouth agape

My burns are hotter than the fires of Green Hill

It’s time to get somebody else to rap for me, come in Sally, my love


Those rhymes from you were not perfect, I’ll give you a bunch of bruises

I might have my eyes stitched closed, but I can still see you losing

I HATE YOU, you were just a failed mistake

A fat plumber fighting me? Ha, just gimme a break!

Verse 4::

There was no hope for you to win in the first place

You can’t run away from me, I win every single race

Sonic.exe has won this game, it was great for you to play with me

I wanna have more fun, ready for round 3?


  • This is The Second Creepypasta To Be Explained By TheStickyPaddle The First Being Tails Doll
  • This is The First Creepypasta to Be Deleted From The Creepypasta Wiki[[Category:Season 2



Character Information
Nickname(s) SONIC, God.
Born 2012
Physical description
Eyes Red
Based On

Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Sonic.EXE vs MARIO
Sonic.EXE vs MARIO 2
Release Date December 10, 2013
Jaunary 1, 2015 (Second Round)