Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

Speak Peek son Season 2 from Creepypasta.Rap Battles, revealing verses from 4 future characters, it was uploaded in December 20th 2014



--Blood from your eyes or I'll nail ya!

Unlike you, my story is true, you were made by a failure!

Watch out, this type of file may harm your hard drive!


--only fate!!

I’m a baker, you’re a taker, my game is much greater

For god’s sake, you piece of shit, prepare to meet your maker, you faker

Hurry, type the letters, or it'll be your Doom

My music--


--tack with my deadly smile

Once you get a high score, you’ll be here for a while

You better run away now, my rhymes will make you go Berzerk

Leave you dead on the floor, this is--



Now I'll tell you how to survive Five Nights at Freddy's,

Watch out for the munching lobs and the bloodshooting bodies of doom

Need a charge and zero doors, these rumors are unlocked and--


--Less bark and more bite!

I'm a true fright, you'll go down in this fight tonight!

Your life will flash before your eyes, escaping before your sight!

This .JPG is creepy, you're looking kind of--


  • It was though that the battles were in chronological order (Discarding that Mr. Mix vs The Theater was replaced by Evil Otto vs The .GIF since a problem of Justin), this was discarded when ERBoCP#19 and #20 were "Heartful Lou vs Homicidal Liu" and "This Man vs SCP-087" instead of "FNaF vs Abandoned by Disney" and "Smile Dog vs Mr. Widemouth"