Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker is the 18th battle of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta, it Features Mr. Mix battling against The Ticket Taker.

ERBoCP#18 Poster


WoodenHornets as Mr. Mix

SuperThingsOnCups as The Ticket Taker and Swirly Head Man







Mr. Mix:

It’s Mr. Mix here, let me teach you how to bake

One delicious plate of your one and only fate

I’m a baker, you’re a taker, my game is much greater

For god’s sake, you piece of shit, prepare to meet your maker, you faker

Hurry Up, We know, type the letters, or it’ll be your Doom

My music will take your ears, while I’m cooking some food

Reach the final level, it’s your own risk

You may be a ticket taker, but I’ll still leave you ticked

The Ticket Taker:

It’s time for you to watch a movie based on your defeat

Ticket-taking your life, and it will be in 3D

You think loud growls are scary? Dude, you must be a joke

Nobody wants to play your game, just admit it, I’ll make you croak

Your disses are stale, just give me a break

You won’t be mixing anymore, once I win this for god’s sake

Your story sucks so much, how could people find you spooky?

Thank you for listening to this verse now please enjoy the movie

Mr. Mix:

I’ll put your films in a bowl and stir it like cake mix

Then I’ll put you in the oven, guess who I’m baking?

My rhymes are yummy ,it got games better than Killswitch

Now lie down sonny. Shhhh, I’m Mr. Mix

Swirly Head Man:

It’s time to swirl this battle up, prepare to be owned

How can kids take you serious? You have the face of Mario!

I’ll be putting a brick wall here, then leave you severed

Now that this is done, you can never reach the other levels!

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour:

Judy Neutron:

Hello, Appy. We're going to make an meal full of disses and--

*gets shot by Hugh Neutron*

Hugh Neutron:

Jimmy, your mom is dead. Let's settle this father and son

Jimmy Neutron:

Okay, daddy. I would like an pizza full of pepperoni and shit

So that each of those crappypastas will soon be left rejected

Hugh Neutron:

Now it is time to get these dumbasses "bonding"

'The pizza is coming and--'*got his head chopped* Oh shit.

Jimmy Neutron:

I should've warned him that the pizza is aggressive

But now, it's just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin

Jane the Killer:

Poor little Jeff; you think you’re a threat?

It doesn’t matter how much innocent blood you shed

You’re a Mary Sue, a joke, from Chelsea Grin to the makeup

Rest your weary eyes, but this time, you won’t wake up

You’ll fall head over heels for me, right down the stairs

Then you’ll regret that you ever met my dark void stare

I’m not stupid, Jeffrey; and you know what I’ve learned?

This battle marks the second time you got your ass burned!

Spongebob’s Bootleg:
I’m ready, I’m ready to kick you two shittypastas
I’ll pop like how I pop my bubbles to stop this drama
Frame by frame, you two are tame compared to the horrors I got, bitch
Squidward, you’ll be blood-shot in the face, with my rhymes that can twitch
You’ll be Dumped in the trash can where those teens found me
How can you beat this bootleg, I’m the real meaning of scary
I’ll make you all commit suicide with my staticy and buzzing rhymes
Now time to bring in the real horror, Spongecry.avi!

Oh, you gonna be scared? Then watch this scary .avi
Don’t be mean to me, you’ll make Spongebob Cry
Once you see my episode, it’ll leave your asses quivering!
When I’m done, you all will end up like Gary, dead and rotting!
I’ll rip you all up into chunks just like my red chair
It’s best you all run away now, or you’ll be in for a scare!
Squidward, stop with your stupid shit and just end your life already
Before I kill you all off, I just want you to know, this one timed action will be badly

Timmy's Wish:

You lowlife crappypastas,little tiny,retarted, freaks!

You'll be on the news with Vicky! And there won't be any pathos!

I'm the better version of Squidward, with n intern watching a character give himself the axe

I don't care if Wanda found me out, i still got bloody message through.

This is no prank, you'll get cut off & no one will call the police.

Now i wish you all would just get out off this!

Ticci Toby:

They call me Ticci Toby, not like you’d care that much

Once I’m done talking to myself, I’ll blow steam on you punks

You think you are creepy? This twitching kid don’t give two shits

I’ll kill you all off and feed you to the ticks

Stop acting like you’re hot when you’re colder than the rain

How can you damage me? I’m fucking immune to all pain

Don’t even try to diss me or your life will be at stake

You picking on the retarded kids is the last mistake you’ll ever make

Rocket to Insanity:

Toby, you made me do it, don't act like you're so innocent,

Your stupid ass haunted my dreams, and I was the victim!

But now it seems we've come face to face for real this time,

Now let me show you what I've done in my spare time!

(Reveals Rainbow Factory)

Rainbow Factory:

Welcome to my facility! Just take a stroll in,

But be warned, you won't ever be seen alive again!

Drain your blood like the rest of Earth Pony and Unicorn scum!

But there will be rainbows to look forward to once the deed is done!

Buried Alive:

Now let me make an objection as I raise my White Hand in anger,

I'm gonna battle y'all without the help from Muk and Gengar!

Sonic, how the hell did you start? You are just made-up,

Tails Doll, you are the worst Sonic character I heard, man! You suck!

Herobrine, you aren't a threat, you're just Steve with white eyes,

All of your rhymes are not effective on me, so say all your goodbyes!

So come on, grab on to me, because I'm feeling so lonely,

It's game over already, guys, so will you please join me?

Slenderman's Singers:

Slenderman, Slenderman, the woods is no place to roam

Slenderman, Slenderman, you’re all alone and out of hope

Slenderman, Slenderman, the faceless man with a suit and tie

Slenderman, Slenderman, tonight you will surely die

Slender Man:

The one who owns you, Rodgy, kneel as he approaches nearer

Or he’ll exterminate the Proxy; bigger tragedy than Lyra!

Slender Man, Slender Man,  the reason for your pasta’s existence

I'll be The Observer as I teleport a good distance

And watch these little kids get brutalized once more

Don’t be scared, take my hand, or else face the four

No goodbyes will be exchanged; you’re all mine NOW

So much fun we’ll have; I won’t break that vow

Max & Ruby 0004

We’ll make you feel like your heart is in your throat once you see us
It’s such a shame that we need to kill you, so just hush
We made a little girl scream and almost made her heart give out
Tonight, we’ll show you what scary is all about
We’re gonna leave you dead like our mommy and daddy
Since all your creepypastas are just stupid tragedies
You're all gonna be tortured and deceased
You don’t think we’re scary? Well DEATH IS OUR ONLY RELEASE!

Doraemon Asesino:

I heard the noise of you dissing so terrible! Well, whatever

In my gadget pocket, it will be full of your darkest nightmares

Bringing more fear like BRVR, so don't ya get this kitty pissed

You'll end up like my citizen, decided to leave the cabin

With these same teeth from Smile Dog's, come inside the kitchen

I sure hope that you could never ever move for fear of panic

Hope you're ready for 8 hours of me, so best leave now


Doug's Real Life:

This is my real life? Three idiots telling me go to sleep?

This better be the imaginary. Your lines are gonna make me weep.

Squidward don't grab gun, Gumball & Darwin your world sucks.

Call your parents & cry, cause you all failed the test.

that the reality of you losing? That one is real.


♪ Don’t turn on the lights during the Midnight Game

Do not use a flashlight during the Midnight Game

Do not go to sleep, during the Midnight Game

And don’t attempt to use another’s blood for your name ♪

The Midnight Man:

If you think you’re gonna beat me, you’re lost in your dreams

Purifying crappypastas like you is just ritual for me

Walk your little game, Herobrine, I bask in the tears of the damned

I'm an embodiment of faith, your fate’s in my hands!

Take a blood sample, make a case of the proxy behind the screen

You can’t see I’ll be cackling at the deaths of these teens

Until the clock strikes twelve, you’re in my realm, no escape

Darkness you can’t handle, light your candle, pray for the day!

The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle:

Twilight Sparkle:

Journal entry day one, subjects one through five,

People claimed I was insane, I cut up ponies alive!

I created a creature who will have you all eaten,

By the end of this battle, you'll all be

The Creature:


Twilight Sparkle:

You think it's crazy, the type of shit I do?!

Most of you don't have a clue what insanity drives you to do!

Ahem, sorry for yelling, I don't mean to startle,

But it's for science! The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle!

Creepy Black:

It's time for me to lay a curse as I haunt you in your journeys,

As this starter ghost covers you in Night Shade, you better hurry,

Do you really think you're scary when you stalk people through windows?

You'll be feeling nauseated, 'cause it's Lavender Town Syndrome!

I killed every single Pokemon and curse every trainer,

When my PP in my moves go down, I won't need any Ether!

So when you hear the sound in this creepy little tune,

You're gonna faint and then I'll use Curse, so see you in hell soon!

BEN Drowned:

YOURTURN, Mickey, better wipe off that frown

I've BEN thinking on it, and in my flow you too will DROWN

I'll leave you in W-eNVy when I Clock you out

You should have stayed lost because this is my Town


Leave you frozen, like a statue, a Link to the Past!

Shutting down your broadcasts, because I'm a Cleverbot

Real suffering IS known, but you've just been forgot!

Mr. Bear:
This bear is aware that I'm gonna scare these "bone chillers"
I'll take you to my cellar, and show you who’s the better killer
I’m gonna eat your souls on this episode of Soup and Spoon
My rap flow is like scissors, it’s very dangerous for you
My name is Mr. Bear, bringing more fear than Freddy
I’m coming down these basement stairs, you better be ready
I’m hiding in these woods in Canada, you’re gonna get scared
‘Cause 1999 is the year where you go off the air


Story Time, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night

Be warned, these stories feature tons of disses on this site

I'm the next R.L. Stine, full of horror and death

Dare mess with me, and I'll cut you up like my tapes

How can you beat me if I can make stories of the Fazbears?

Quit your whining, Angelica, and come in my Hidden Lore

As for the rest of all of you, I'll write you a story

of how all of these monsters were killed by Mr. Creepy

I'll Neigh this at the End like Creepybloom from the Luna Game

Filling your heads with INSANiTY, and tons and tons of hate

Leave you Drowned like BEN, no need for me to take off my mask

Now that I'm done with this crap, it's time to unplug the set

Lost Episodes:

Hi there! Names Sid. Welcome to my reality.

I'll scare you all like i did to all my friends!

There's nothing interresting with you, with all your death & rape,

Mess with me, and i'll cut you up like my tapes.

How can you dare to fight the original freak?

Sylvester stop being mad with me like Squidward!

God bless my father, for the reason for my obsession.

You can never beat me, i'm done with this shit...

Im done with this crap, time to unplug the set.




Welcome to the never-ending staircase of Hell


Once I’m released from my cell, you know your lives won’t end well


There’s no lights, so you’re in for a treat


We’re most uncontainable freaks since 173! 


There’s a baby down here, don’t you want him to be safe?


Then get the mics outta those faces, I’m Radically insane!


Ready to see my real face? Come near us if you dare

SCP-087 & SCP-106:

We’ll be waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs

Fluttershy's Lullaby:

I hope you don't mind, but it's time to lay you to rest,

I murder my foes, until they've breathed their last breath,

I don't want a cupcake, nor a tour of your factory,

I'm rapidly and drastically making nightmares real tragedies!

Just close your little eyes, before they begin to bleed red,

Come now, little children, just rest your weary heads,

It's getting quite late, I've said whats needed to be said,

So hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to bed!

M A R I O:

It's-a-me, M A R I O! Giving all my hate advice to you,

You all wanna feel pain? Well, eat this Poison Mushroom!

In my game, there were no enemies, just me and Yoshi,

No need for me to save Peach, 'cause she won't be there, won't she?

Don't all of you motherfuckers think you cause enough trouble?

So why don't you all just jump into the void on the double!

This is the selfish way out, but is there something to change your mind?

You'll all be the next victims on my list, so get ready to die!

The Grieving

Welcome to my Amazing World, hope you’re all in for a treat
We’ll be making you cry, once you taste your bloody defeats!
Cut out all your guts, and hang them on these trees
In the end, you’ll be found dead, just like Anais!
Max and Ruby, you were only made cause you were desperate for fame!
Suicidal, depression, you're all the same
Mr. Bear, you’re not scary, so why even bother?

Ash's Coma:

You think you can win, but soon you'll see

That you'll each be in a coma, just like me!

Once you've gone Missing, No one will know, or even care!

Hope you're aware that I'm hunting you down, Mr. Bear

You're in for a shock, and I'm not talking about Pikachu!

You'll all be Buried Alive after I'm through!

Comin' at ya like a flock of Spearow!

By the end of this, all of you will be screaming, "OH DEAR, NO!!!!!!!!"

Candle Cove:

Skin Taker:

Light the candle on this Candle Cove, Skin Taker has arrived!

I want you to scream in my studio, so go inside

I’ve been investigated by tons, you’re the Laughingstock of me

Don’t touch your remote yet, ‘cause here’s Pirate Percy!

Pirate Percy:

It's Pirate Percy, maties, no way you'll get through me

I'll make you scream as soon as I exit your TV screen

I'll be laughing at this jackass while making the rest of you suffer

Because a battle is no place for you already dead landlubbers!

Horace Horrible:

It's clear that we've entered a hostile environment

So allow the man in top hat to teach you about violence 

Just takes a slash of the throat and death ensues children

Just like the lost treasure, you'll never be seen again


Looks like you reached the final boss, but it's impossible for me to die,

I think you made a mistake, 'cause in this rap, I'll make you all cry!

Most of you are hacks and glitches just to screw everyone's game,

Sonic.exe and Tails Doll just do it already so I can have you maimed!

Herobrine is no threat, just a brother no one cared about,

And Buried Alive is a scrapped idea, get in your grave and never come out! Just tell me, what are you supposed to be?

A little fairy with no purpose who's story is too confusing?

Black is just a ghost with one lame ass cheat move,

Otto gives heart attacks? That shit is not true!

No one likes you, M A R I O, just kill yourself for fuck sake!

Everyone left you 'cause you suck, now you know all the hate!

Polybius, let me explain, you're an LSD simulator,

You all need to hear the story of my game's creator!

Gonna finish this battle royale out with a big blast,

Alright, Ness, my slave, finish them!


PK Flash!

Ed Edd n Eddy Lost Episode

Once you see our episode, you’ll be the true chicken
I’ll eat your souls like it’s buttered toast, to make the audience sickened
We’ll swallow your heads like Johnny, beat your asses up like Jimmy
You'll be needing a dentist because it's about to get gory!
You dorks are gonna piss yourselves, when you step up to the Eds
Once you take a look at this episode, it'll lead you to your ends!
C’mon guys, let’s put an end to these creeps!
We’ll have you laying on Eddy’s floor, and let you have a good night sleep!

Courage the Cowardly Dog LOST EPISODE:

Whoa hell no, you didn't, Eddy! So, best admit it

This most Smile Dog is sure to get you all DISSED

I may had died, but now I am back, just to give you all HELL

So that you can't even believe in good or evil

BOW FOR THE WRATH OF COURAGE, otherwise you'll lose your soul

I can be loveable, but this time, I won't be nice at all

Best cover your ears because my verse about to go earbleeding loud

I'll leave you crappypastas burned to dust unlike my dear poor old Muriel

The Grey Man: 

Time to go to sleep, you freak, you'll never escape

You hide in labs and forests while I haunt the Dreamscape!

Pray your death comes quick when you see me in the distance

I’ll paint a Rake and his armless mate all over the Violence District!

None of Slendy’s proxies or you SCP’s could scare me

You hear me? Puppets and atwisted Ron Jeremy

Midnight’s worse than Twilight, leave this square dismembered

You’ve seen the man I am, still want to remember?

Suicide Mouse:

Executing executives, no escape, madness is building

tearing at your sanity, Mickey's about to make a killing

Your peak of strength matches your rhymes, weak and vile

When this 'so called god' dies by a video file

I won't let myself be scared by this reject of society

Best format your computers, flow like bloodstreams from my eyes, see

After suffering from your verses, you'd expect ME to 'do it'

You all had chances, but like your brains after this, you blew it


Oh, all of these tripping creepypastas are making me sick

Just like my game, I’ll chop you up into 8 bits

We got a guy without arms and a little masquerade

All of you will be doomed when you step in my arcade

I’ll break you like a rake, leave you all to your demise

I covered up the kids I killed with Secrets and Lies

I kick it old school, and I’m gonna be your teacher

I’m shaking down this battle, so get ready to have a seizure

Candle Cove

Skin Taker:
Better grab a candle, ‘cause your future is about to get dark
Come a little bit closer, I’ll grind your skin apart
Pirate Percy:
You Eds aren’t ready for the type of show we’ll bring
How can you win, when the puppets are pulling the strings?
Skin Taker:
Spongebob, your bootleg is a Laughingstock, want this to stop?
I’ll slaughter you and the rest of these pastas, make the boat rock
Pirate Percy:
We’re spitting killer disses that will make you all SCREAM
Coming out your screen, We’ll now forever haunt your dreams

Happy Appy:

Hello children! Welcome to this episode of Happy Appy

I'm friendly, I'm fruity, but I'm also feeling snappy

I may have got banned from Nick Jr, but I'm still standing strong

With how much this rodent obsesses, it's like he wants his owner's schlong

Now everybody calm down, because the violence is building

Let's broadcast these slaughters, cause that's natural, children

Well, let's conclude this episode, I had fun with you all

See you all next time, in the afterlife hall!


I’m a sad girl trapped inside this wreck of a home

Don't even go near me, just turn around and go

Wanna play a game? A game called hide-and-go-seek?

I’ll drown you in depression and we shall go to sleep

I’m living in my pond of my really wet tears

Can you please get out? I want some alone time here

I want to live my dreams, getting crossed like a tally

You monsters lost against the lonely, depressed Sally

Dead Bart:

Try to find you? You'll be under the sink

With your plumbers crack showing for everyone to see

I left Matt Groening crying and shaking like a little girl

Until he was too scared to mention me to the rest of the world

You try to act tough, but face the facts

Your princess is with Bowser and she ain't ever coming back

You try to change the channel but I'll hide the remote-o

And rain Grey Man’s grey matter on the streets of Kyoto!


Who was I? Well, I was mother freaking phone

Will you shut the crap up? I am mad at your tone

You're all Jeff rip-offs, so you can suck my Slender dick

Herobrine, I'll kick you out like it was a Sparta kick

Who was phone, coming in fast

You'll need a cast like DarkLink's ass

Talk about being God your economy is high

You and Tails Doll are gay mates who need high fives

Drop dead, because you suck If you dislike this battle, I dont give a duck

Yo, Rake, your nipples are ice cream cones Wait a second. Wait, WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?!?!

Squidward's Suicide:

Barnacle heads, be quiet, while I work on my art!

You call yourselves creepypastas but you lack the creepy part

Bunnicula’s efforts to be frightening will all be in vain

You can say what you want, I went out like Kurt Cobain!

Be gone, just DO IT! Spit an improper diss, I'll SHOOT IT!

I blasted a fantastic symphony that night, and THEY KNEW IT!

I'm playing a deadly melody even when I’m deceased!

This battle’s reached it’s sonata, and I can rest in peace





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  • This battle was the 17th battle of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta, but it got replaced by Evil Otto vs The .GIF, Justin Buckner said that is because he is doing the video for Mr. Mix and need a couple of weeks to film.