Jeff the Killer Battled Jane the Killer in Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer He Was Voiced By Max Allan But Then He Was Played By B-Lo Lorbes

Information About the Rapper

Jeff the Killer is a boy named Jeff. He moved in to a new neighbourhood with his mother, father and his brother Liu. Their mother invited them to a party. When Jeff & Liu was waiting at the bus 3 bullies showed up and attacked them. Jeff fought back and got satisfaction from it. Later, their parents heard everything about this. Jeff & Liu didn't say anything so Liu got the blame. Later on Jeff went to the party...and the bullies showed up again. This time the fight was more brutal. One of the bullies smashed alcohol on Jeff's face...and burned him. Jeff later woke up at a hospital and his face was pale. The bullies then admitted that it was the one who started the fight so Liu was free. Later that night Jeff's mom heard crying from the bathroom and when she entered...she saw something terrifying. Jeff had cut and burned off his eyelids so he can never fall asleep and he has also cut a permanent smile (similar to the Joker) so he can always see himself happy. His mother knew that Jeff had went totally insane and asked her husband to shoot Jeff. Jeff noticed this and brutally murdered his mother, father and Liu. He escpaed from the house later on. People say he's out there somewhere. The last thing people hear before they get killed by Jeff is "Shhh...Go to sleep!"


Verse 1:

I am Jeff the Killer, I’m better than Jack the Ripper

I don't understand why I'm battling against a stripper

Don’t be so grumpy and put a smile on your face

You’re a rip-off of me, that is why you’re a disgrace

Your black eyes make you look like Void of Vision

Now why don’t you shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen

You’re coming for me till the end? bitch please! I killed my parents

I'll kill you twice, remember when I jumped over the fence?

Verse 2:

Not satisfied on the little makeover I gave you?

HAHA you're just a women! Whats the worst you can do?

You can't even kill anyone cause you fucking suck

Jeff iss the real killer in these parts so good luck

I hear you're crushing on me Jane, just give in already

I’ll rip you up and turn you into fucking birthday confetti

This battle has just ended, and I've finally had enough

Now how about you go to sleep... so you'll never wake up 


  • Jeff the Killer Was Mentioned by Slenderman in Hoody vs Masky[[Category:Sea
Jeffrey Woods Anderson
Jeff the Killer

RLYoshi as Jeff the Killer
Character Information
Nickname(s) Jeff, Jeff the Murderer, Jeff the Killer
Born 1990's
Physical description
Eyes Black
Based On
Jeff the killer
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
Vs Jane the Killer
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