Happy Appy vs Candle Cove

Happy Appy vs Candle Cove. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 9

Happy Appy vs Candle Cove is the 9th Episode of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta and the Ninth Installment of Season 1 It Features a Haunted TV Show Candle Cove againest a Apple that has the Same Name as the Show Happy Appy.


Matthew Thomas  as Skin Taker

Frenzy  as Pirate Percy

Brandon Lorbes  as Happy Appy (Audio)

Matthew Thomas as Happy Appy (Video)







Candle Cove:



Gonna have this fruit let out some steam

We’re gonna have this apple have Candle Cove in his dreams

I am the Skin Taker, the most demonic pirate ever

I’m gonna knock your noggin, and then you’ll be severed

Pirate Percy:

Well of course we’re not losing to a fucking piece of fruit!

You call yourself scary? You’re just a stupid show for Nick Jr.

We may be puppets but we’re the one pulling the strings

We’re gonna make you make you walk the plank, stand there, it might sting

Happy Appy:

After you’re watching a dubbed Blue’s Clues, my show comes on next

I was buried ‘cause I was a killer but then was reborn on the internet

You can’t get past this happy apple, you’ll disappear just for show

I’ll blow you out like a candle, that’s why your name is Candle Cove

I have blue realistic eyes, I can see when you’ll finally end

Your show is just thoughts inside of insane kid’s heads

You better go to school because class is dismissed

When you take the souls of pirate puppets, that’s natural children!

Candle Cove:


You’re blushing red there, and it’s not because you’re an apple 

Pirate Percy:

There’s no way in Hell a fruit could win this rap battle 


We will rip out your realistic eyes, then cut that little stick

Pirate Percy:

Think you will harm us, it takes you ages to murder little kids!

Skin Taker:

They call me Skin Taker, ‘cause I’ll skin your whole family

Pirate Percy:

I’m a pirate but not trustworthy, I am really thirsty

Skin Taker:

You said 9/11 was natural? Ha! What a joke!


Remember to never mess with your master Candle Cove!

Happy Appy:

CANDLE COVE? why don’t you stick a handle up your rear

You may not notice it yet but I’m your biggest fear!

You’re an abomination creation, that is a waste but

how can I complain? Your show is just pure imagination!

You don’t like me now that I am insane, I’ll cut through your a-hole Once

I kill you all, you’ll be going to heaven as Dumb Angels

When I’m done with you, your body will match the eyes of Forenzik

You two just got slaughtered by an apple on a stick!


Mickey Mouse here, claiming victory that's righful

now use those Pac-Man eyes and get ready for an eyeful

Of what Mickey will do to you, (Hah!) this'll be lots of fun

The amount of chapters you have are like your fans; one

My sights of hell made Mr. Maltin bolt for the door

Walk over this box on the pentagram floor

You're facing the mascot of cartoons, it's no wonder that you're losing

so I bet that black ink is not the only thing you're oozing

Username 666:

Your snuff vids are so weak, glitching restriction on youtube

Fulfilling weird pleasures more like jacking off for views

Been haunting since the 2000’s, while you make ‘shitty’ porn

Tracing back the memories, snuffing up my pool of blood and whores

(HA!) People sure DO “die” when your “fetishes” are seen,

But you find you’re not as brutal, when I crash your computer screen

OH NO! Don’t kill me before I grab the lube!

The only place where you’d be relevant is Another YouTube

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour:

Judy Neutron:

Hello, Appy. We're going to make an meal full of disses and--

*gets shot by Hugh Neutron*

Hugh Neutron:

Jimmy, your mom is dead. Let's settle this father and son

Jimmy Neutron:

Okay, daddy. I would like an pizza full of pepperoni and shit

So that each of those crappypastas will soon be left rejected

Hugh Neutron:

Now it is time to get these dumbasses "bonding"

'The pizza is coming and--'*got his head chopped* Oh shit.

Jimmy Neutron:

I should've warned him that the pizza is aggressive

But now, it's just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin

Squidward's Suicide

Barnacle heads, be quiet, while I work on my art!

You call yourselves creepypastas but you lack the creepy part,

Bunnicula’s efforts to be frightening will all be in vain,

You can say what you want, I went out like Kurt Cobain!

Be gone, just DO IT! Spit an improper diss, I'll SHOOT IT!

I blasted a fantastic symphony that night, and THEY KNEW IT!

I'm playing a deadly melody even when I’m deceased!

This battle’s reached it’s sonata, and I can rest in peace!

The Rake:

Your rhymes are as tedious as your never-ending staircase,

And you so called creepypastas are such a waste of space,

Watch me munch on these monsters like I munch on sick rhymes,

I'm The Rake, bitches, great bitches, haunting through time!

I've been around for so many centuries, now making these SCPs history,

I’ve been trapped after death, but I’m breaking free, and no one will figure out my mystery!

My feet will keep crawling and my rhymes will keep flowing,

Just like my internet fame, my mouth will keep growing!


You speak to me as though, you’re a gift from God

Though the truth shows you’re nothing but a modern day fraud

Hear the sound of a door kicked in, you’ll wish you were being robbed

When you gaze upon the face of all your nightmares, BOB!

The Beast is beating you so bad, it's not Obscene, it's Brutal!

Noodle arms just fueled my anger, a schoolgirl would be less futile!

Break your myth like the windows, either way, you’ll feel the “pane”

Then I’ll clean up your remains with a rusty old Rake

The SCP Foundation:

Time for another curbstomp, so we'll finish this for good,

With brute force, we'll terrorize more than you ever could,

Your trilogy won't ever catch up to our Secure Containment Breach,

Your franchise's an even worse cash cow than Call of Duty!

See this through our eyes, you're nothing to what we've achieved,

We broke out of captivity, but in your place? You'll never leave!

We'll strangle you purple, and then break your neck with these disses,

Then escape without a trace, and take out the witnesses!

If there is an ounce of enjoyment with your crap, then it's been lost,

Probably under all your porn, where your fans jerk off!

Your glitched up pack of misfits, turn the power off and leave,

Because it's clear to see to us, SCP's, you've crossed the wrong team


Reader, beware! If you dare, look onward and marvel,

Meet the BAAAAD Boy who's haunting children novels,

Scarier than any cash-grab labrat-repetitive movie shrew!

Enter Horrorland! Where your worst fears come true,

Thanks for waking me up, Slave! Now there’s nothing that can stop me!

Conjuring fears you NEVER could! The scariest doll since Robby!

And he’s got his Ol’ Crazy Eyes out for a bitch beat by a weak teen!

Beat me? Time to say goodnight, sweetpea. Sweet Screams!

Escargoon's Distress:

Dedede will pay, but first that putty tat must be killed

Along with his nine lives, and these monsters from Hell

Soon, you'll end up like me, flying across the halls and stairs

Your injuries shall be brusing, and a dislocated arm

You're next for now on, Big Mac, so go to Kirby's Deadland

I may be removed from the wiki, but I'm still here, you fags!

I would rather get Tuff clearly than dissing your asses so bad

Because your only sentence unlike Rayman will soon be DEATH


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