1999 battled Where the Bad Kids Go in 1999 vs Where the Bad Kids Go, He was Portrayed by Matthew Thomas
File:1999 mr bear by charcoalman-d7erxf6.jpg


Verse 1:

Mr. Bear:

Hello kids, it's me, Mr. Bear, I'm the best

I want you to write a letter to me, so here is the address

On Soup and Spoon, I'll drink your blood like juice


My rap flow is like scissors, it's very dangerous for you

Mr. Bear:

You better run, you better run, Mr. Bear is near!

Just get the fuck out, 'cause you're not invited here

Now that you sent me a letter using the address

I look very forward to meeting you, Mr. Bad Kids

Verse 2:

Mr. Bear:

What were you thinking trying to give kids nightmares for life?

Coming down these basement stairs, giving you a piece of your mind

Are your spoooons ready? 'cause we'll have a feast on this ho

Once you think a war is bad, then comes your T.V. show!

With your Arabic language, I can't understand what you're saying

I'll hang you with your microphone, and you'll be anguished

Canada's not safe anymore, when it has Mr. Bear

'Cause 1999 is the year where you go off the air


  • 1999 is the 12th Character from Season 2 Confirmed before it's actual relase. The Others Are Where the Bad Kids Go, Heartful Lou, Evil Otto, Squidward's Suicide, Zalgo, WHO WAS PHONE?, Ted the Caver, Mr. Mix, Console Me, Sweet Apple Massacre and Ash's Coma